Recovery Data From Hard Disk, Pendrive and Formatted Memory Card Also!

By | May 17, 2017

Recovery Data is not a hard work nowadays! Once upon a time file recovery was very hard work and too much costly for the victim. Because only expert people or expert PC engineer can recover data from any kinds of disk drive such as Hard Disk, Pendrive, Damaged Hard Disk or Memory Card / SD Card etc. But recently basically from 2010 to till a lot of data recovery company has been Debuted in this technical earth!

As a result, data recovery is very easy and anybody can recover his data from any disk drive 🙂 I will help you to successfully do the file recovery operation in a short time.

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Sometimes PC user, unfortunately, deletes his necessary data from computer’s hard disk or mobile phone’s SD card. Various file and data have been deleted from the devices such as Audio, Video, Images or Photos, PDF file, Doc file and other needed documents.

Wrongly format your Pendrive? or Wrongly format your SD card? Unfortunately, format or delete all files from your hard disk?

If yes! I think you are madly looking for recovery your data as soon as possible. Because your loose data and files are very important for you and your office work.

Don’t worry for this abnormal reason 🙂 Because you have come to a right website 🙂 Almost all the people are disappointed and worried after deleting or formatting his device memory.

But, a victim who know about the web aid line; they should not get disappointed or worried! Because Web Aid Line is your total online technological solution 🙂

Okey, Let’s go start….

Deleted Data Information:

Sometimes the question arises on your mind- After deleting any file where it is gone? Is it vanish for forever? If no, so where it is stored? Yes! I have the correct answer.

Generally, after formatting a disk drive or deleting data from a disk drive, it can’t vanish for forever! The deleted or formatted files and data are hidden stored on your hard disks free space!

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So the Data Recovery software scan your computer’s hard drive or other any disk drive and easily recover deleted or formatted data!

How To Recovery Data and Deleted Files From Any Disk Drive?

There is a lot of software for recovery data. But all of them are not a good recovery software. I will introduce you to an excellent data recovery software for your deleted file recovery.

Also, I will describe a full tutorial to get recovery data firstly and easily! So stay with me and read this full post to file recovery shortly.

Data Recovery Software for PC free download full version

10 Easy and Short Step to Lose Data Recovery:

  1. Click Here to download the portable full version of Deleted Data Recovery software for PC!
  2. It is a portable software for recover data; so you no need to install them!
  3. Just double click and open the setup file on your PC.
  4. Now choose your file format such as All Files, Pictures, Musics, Documents, Video, Compressed or Zip/RAR and Email also!
  5. After clicking on the radio button now click Next.
  6. Now select your folder or formatted disk drive and hit on the Next Button.
  7. If your want to make a deep scan just click on the deep scan radio button and then click on the next to proceed the deleted file scan in your memory.
  8. Within few minutes, almost it will be shown all the deleted files!
  9. Finally, Select the files you have to recovery; and click on the Recovery Button!
  10. It’s Done!

A to Z Data Recovery tutorial with screenshot

Recovery Data is already you have learned 🙂 But for more help you I am now going to make a long and informative excellent tutorial with the screenshots! So it will more helpful for your data recovery work in quickly and firstly!

Firstly download the above software for recovery data.  I recommended you to download the portable data recovery software. Because there is no need any kinds installation for portable software.

This version is for windows! if you have a MAC book or other operating system’s PC or Laptop you should download the other version of this software of recovery data.

There is all version of file recovery software such as Mac-book version, Windows XP/7/10 and later and other versions even!

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So download as your operation system.

Suppose, you have finished the download from the internet. Now extract the zip file and open the newly created folder to open the software for recovery data. See the screenshot for more information.

My operating system is windows, as a result, I have downloaded the exe version of the software of data recovery.

Now open the portable version. Just 2x click on the setup file. Within few seconds it will be open and you will see some options like the screenshot below:

data recovery software for pc free download full version

If you see the downloaded software like above screenshot. I think you have correctly downloaded and opened the portable full version of the software of Recovery Data!

Ok, it’s looking very good! if you are able to come to this position. To going to next step click on the NEXT.

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Within a second you will see the next window of the software. The new window’s UI (user interface) is like the screenshot below:

recover deleted files easily

This data recovery wizard is a very important part for recovery data and files. So carefully handle now and select any of categories. Here is 6 (six) file categories are available.

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