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Benefits of Pure Mustard Oil for Health Care

Mustard oil especially the pure mustard oil is highly beneficial to human body. It has lots of vitamin, mineral and essential fatty acid that could improve your health and body. Form the ancient time pure mustard oil is using for cooking, skin, hair care and even for medical purpose. In current time the benefits of virgin mustard oil are approved scientifically.

Benefits and usage of pure mustard oil

Here are some essential benefits of pure mustard oil for your health which has been practiced for a long time. Have a look below.

Weight Loss

This wonder oil has lots of essential vitamin and enzyme that play a vital role to speed up your metabolism. If you use mustard oil for cooking instead of other in a particular amount you will plainly see the result of weight loss in a month. It’s an excellent alternative to other vegetable oils.


The mustard seed oil is good for hydrating skin in winter and treating dryness, itches, etc. the oil has antibiotic properties and anti-fungal presence like Allyl Isothiocyanate. Which fight against rash, skin infection, etc. very well. Moreover, it’s suitable for all type of skin infant to adult.

Prevent Malaria

The oil works as mosquito replant. Apply the oil all over skin naturally. Its burning odor wills the mosquitoes. Also, use it in a vaporizer to drive away the mosquitoes from the room.

Treating Asthma

This natural oil works great for treating severe asthma as well. Massage the pure mastered oil after warming on your chest in the night before sleep of when having a breathing problem. Also, have one teaspoon of mustard oil with sugar or honey ¾ times in a day. You can add some crushed black cumin seed on these two mixtures to having the best result.

Reduces the Risk of Cancer

This oil contains antioxidant and glucosinolate which prevent the growth of tumor cells. Also, the phytonutrients of the oil offer a protection against colorectal and gastrointestinal cancers.


Use the mustard oil with essential oil to stimulate muscle growth and avert irritation. It’s useful for treating affected or senseless muscles. Also, body massage with pure mustered oil increases blood circulation and the sweet glans.

Mustered oil offers a whole bunch of benefits to your healthy body and internal system. It can help you to get fit and slim body if used in permutable amount while cooking. But there are no boundaries for external use. But remember to use cold pressed the pure mustered oil for any type of application to get the best result.

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