Reissue or Renew your Payoneer master card

By | October 13, 2017

Hello guys, How are you? Recently some of my visitors request me to publish an article about how to reissue or renew a “Payoneer master card“. As a result, I am decided to publish a useful article about how to renew or reissue your Payoneer master card.

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Okay, go to the main topic….

Payoneer card is the best way to get your earned money form aboard to your country. This card is very useful for online shopping. You can pay your online payment via Payoneer master card. Once you received a master card; generally this card has 3 (Three) years validity only. After 3 (three) years your card will expire.

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So you need to renew your card or apply for a new card. See the screenshots and read the text carefully to reissue or renew your card.

Before the 2 (two) months of your card validity, you will see a message (link) on your account. The message is:

“Your card will expire on 01/01/2018. Please click here to reissue a new card”

See the screenshot for your more facilities:

Screen Shot-1

payoneer card renew

Now, Just click on the message text area. Now you will go to your mailing address / present address page.

Screen Shot-2

input information for payoneer card renew

Now, carefully fill-up the form above(Screen Shot-2). Give your shipping (present address). Your card will be sent to this address. So carefully give the address and tick on the agree on conditions items. After these tasks now click on the “Reissue Card”.

Screen Shot-3

payoneer card renew

After successfully re-applying for a card you will receive a message:

“Your card has been reissued successfully.

Please use the Card Number selection box at the top of this page to view your new card”

Now, wait for your new card. Your card will be coming soon on your address. After minimum 15 days of you re-applying; you should contact your post office for the card.

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Suppose, your card arrives in your home! So you have received a letter with your card from Payoneer.

Screen Shot-4

Payoneer letter with new card

Payoneer letter with new card

Now you need active your card!

How to active a Payoneer card in easily

Screen Shot-5

How to active a new Payoneer card

Click on the “Card Activation” Area (red mark area on the screenshot-5).

Screen Shot-6

new payoneer card activation & terms n policy agree

Now, write the 16 digit card number of the card number box and then write a 4 digit PIN & Confirm you pin again. Remember your pin code. Because in every transaction; you need your PIN number. Click on the tick mark areas and finally click on the “Active” Button.

After successfully done the above information you will see the confirmation message!

card activation Confirmation message from Payoneer


Your card has been successfully activated.

Please note: If this card is replacing an older one, your available balance funding sources will be transferred from the old card to the new one within two hours of activation.

Also, as this is a prepaid card, please make sure that you have funds available on the card before using it.”

Okoye, you have successfully done and activated your card! 🙂

If you have any questions; please use the comment box.

Allah Hafiz.

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